Why 'Hi' Isn't Enough: The Importance of Purposeful Messages

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 •  1 mins read
Beyond 'Hi': The Case for Meaningful Messaging

Hello, friends! Today, I want to share why you should avoid sending mere "Hi!" or "Hey!" messages when trying to communicate with your colleagues or even friends.

Having worked for three years, one immediate lesson I learned is that nobody has time to spare if you're not communicating effectively.

A valuable piece of advice from my senior was this: don't just say "Hi!" and wait for a reply. Simply sending "Hi!" won't prompt them to respond. Everyone is busy, and if you haven't included a message with your "Hi!" or followed up afterward, people might assume you're still typing or no longer need them. Meanwhile, you might be waiting for their "Hi!" before you ask for help or just check in on them.

It's more effective to be direct, such as, "Hey! I need your help with..." or, when texting a friend, something like, "Hey! How have you been? Give me a call or text back when you're free."

Always be precise and respect other people's time.

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