The Foundation of Building Habits: Beyond Discipline | Part 1

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The Foundation of Building Habits: Beyond Discipline

Building a habit is not just about discipline. The journey of building a habit starts from when you have some desire, some goal to achieve something. Doing something good or great doesn't matter if it is for you or for someone else. But if you don't have any well-defined goals, then in most cases, our habits won't last. We are not David Goggins or some saint from the Himalayas who can achieve anything just by having some discipline.

We need to have a burning desire to do something; that's where everything starts. Once you have that desire, then come things like maintaining a routine, using a habit tracker, discipline, and some other nitty-gritty.

So, find your WHY. You need to identify what is the one thing that you are trying to achieve and what is the purpose behind that goal; that one WHY will lead you to building a long-lasting habit.

Once we decide our Why, we need to be more specific. You want to lose weight, but how much? You want to be healthy, but how much compared to your current health? The main goal is to be better than how you are or what you have right now. Being specific will make you plan better. You want to read more, but how much more? Are you currently reading for any amount?

So, in short, we humans are goal-driven regardless of what we try to do. By having specific clear end goals, we thrive to achieve them. We see a clear path, and if we don't, we try to make a path for better achievement of specific goals. Vague goals make us lazy, make us procrastinate, and make us lose sight of what we are aiming for and why we are doing something. Sometimes not having a specific path is good, but not when you are trying to build a habit.