6 Ways To Stop Getting Distracted

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6 Ways To Stop Getting Distracted | Podcast
  1. Decision Fatigue

    • It distracts us from our primary goal.
    • Make a decision about what to wear, what to eat the next day and What things you need to do the next day.
    • This is the main cause of Decision Fatigue and the reason for distraction. (Try after evening mail)
  2. Start your day without others' tasks.

    • Start your day without emails, chats, or social media. If you need to respond to something prioritize that and don't do it apart from that for others in the morning.
    • Start your day with your tasks.
  3. Creating the right audio environment

    • Decide what kind of sound you like while working:
      • Silent
      • chatter (random noises)
      • Music (instrumental, natural, white
    • Don't listen to music with lyrics. One good song and you will start murmuring lyrics instead of focusing on work.
  4. Keep books everywhere

    • Keep books in front of you every time; either bookmarked or opened. Don't put it in your bag.
    • Keep a book with the topic you are interested in.
  5. Stop using the phone

    • Make it 50% of how much you use. Then after a month make it 25%.
    • Lower the use of your phone. Even if you are using 1 hour. From 1 hour cut it to 25 min.
  6. Create a visual environment

    • See what motivates you.
      Picture people who inspire you, whose life inspires you. People whose work motivates you. Of the picture of the thing, you want to achieve.

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